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Info about OSCAR on Moon surface


Some time ago I did some sugestions about an satellite in an moon orbit here 
on AMSAT-BB. An moon orbit seems to be very unstable, and this idea is not 
very easy to do in practice, I find out later.

So then the next idea is an OSCAR on the moon itself. Or in other words and 
moonlander with OSCAR on board :-)
Many amateurs say it is very hard to do, and they have many reasons.
When talking about Mars it seems to be no problem anymore...
An OSCAR on the moon is ofcourse more interresting to amateurs, as it has 
less path loss and signal delay, so I am still interrested in a P4a.

I am sure many of the problems can be solved.
Unfortunatly I have no data of the Moon, and I like to know some data.
I will then try to find some way to solve the problems, when possible.

My questions:

1 - What kind of temperatures an Moon station have to survive ?
2 - Is it difficult to get an station (10..50kg payload) on the Moon surface 
3 - I heared the moon changes in elevation/azimuth to the earth. How many 
degrees ?
4 - How long takes an light/dark period on the moon ?

Then some elektronical questions:

1 - I know an transistor characteristic changes when temperatures drop 
extreem low. Is this permanent when it later is heated up again ?
2 - Somebody knows some high voltage (>200V) solar panels ?

Making new ideas and prototypes is our future,
So lets start designing :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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