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Satellite activity - there is some activity on sats other than AO-40!

Since AO-40 wasn't available to my setup today, I decided to work some other
birds. I took my trusty old 4 element Cushcraft FM yagi out and ran some RG-58
out to it and was using full power on the FT-847. I was able to work stations on
SO-41 and UO-14. I called CQ on FO-29 and found no activity - I could hear my
own downlink very well. I also tuned around on FO-20 and heard one QSO in
progress - once they completed I attempted to transmit there, but lost the
downlink as the satellite went out of view before I was able to fully tune in my
downlink clearly. This is my first TX activity on these birds - looking forward
to more.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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