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Re: commutating antennas (was Re: Canted S-band antennas on satellite)

At 11:04 AM 5/5/2002, Phil Karn wrote:
>Doesn't that assume that the spin axis is already oriented normal to
>the orbit plane? The bigger problem is in first getting the spin axis
>where you want it. Two numbers (RA/DEC or LAT/LON) define the
>orientation of the spin axis in space, so you need two independent
>measurements to determine it, e.g., sun and earth directions.

You're discussing a different problem than I was discussing.  (one that's 
already known, and solved on existing AMSAT spacecraft)

I was discussing only the requirements and method for controlling the 
antenna commutation.  There was a fellow who said he thought that it would 
be difficult to get the realtime attitude info necessary to control the 
commutation, and I was simply refuting that.

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