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Re: N Connectors

>From: "hasan schiers" <schiers@netins.net>
>I used them on LMR-400 and they work perfectly. I haven't used 9913 in
>years, too much moisture ingress, condensation problems,  and wandering of
>the center conductor. When it first came out, it was a wonderful addition to
>the coax line, kind of a poor man's hardline. Now that the LMR series is
>available, I wouldn't recommend 9913 to anyone.
>I would advise anyone who wants the loss performance of 9913, but MUCH
>better mechanical construction to look at Times Wire LMR-400.
>hasan schiers, N0AN

 To just add my 2-cents to the discussion, I purchased connectors for
LMR-400 from DEM for my first experience with this cable, and found the
PL-259 style N-connectors a "bitch" to assemble.  Then I found a source of
connectors from RF Parts that is the more std compression clamp style and
they are a breeze to assemble and never had an SWR problem up to 2401 MHz.

So to each their own.  The RF Parts no. is RFN-1002-1SI...and works with
both LMR and 9913 cable.

PS:  I concur on LMR cables!

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