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Re: N Connectors

Joe Leikhim wrote:

> I had a problem installing these PL259 style N type connectors (Van
> Gorden?) on Belden 9913F. The inner stranded conductors are slightly too
> big to fit into the center pin of the connector. This is exacerbated if
> you tin the conductors. If you don't shave a bit of material off the
> conductors, you may have one strand bunch up and fall behind the rest.
> This would affect the VSWR and could short out.

This is an issue with 9913, not with the new "PL-259" style.  The same
problem occured with some old "clamp" style and also with PL-259
connectors.  9913 uses a larger center conductor than RG-8 type cables.  Yet
another reason I don't like 9913.

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