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re: N Connectors

I had a problem installing these PL259 style N type connectors (Van
Gorden?) on Belden 9913F. The inner stranded conductors are slightly too
big to fit into the center pin of the connector. This is exacerbated if
you tin the conductors. If you don't shave a bit of material off the
conductors, you may have one strand bunch up and fall behind the rest.
This would affect the VSWR and could short out.

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> I ran out of the good old N connectors that clamp on to the
> braid.  I bought
> some of these new ones that go on like a PL-259.  Has anyone with
> access to
> some decent test gear swept these to see if they perform as well as
> older ones?  I'm having trouble getting a good match at 435 MHz.  I
> used to have this problem.
> 73,
> Joe
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