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AO-40 Doppler shift at AOS for auto tracking

Help needed:

I am trying to fully automate tracking of the MB on AO-40 so that I can
download 100% of the telem to the archive and Goddard on all USA passes. My
only problem is the fairly accurate determination of the beacon freq,
Doppler corrected, at AOS. Once I have found it, the AO40Rcv program keeps
the Doppler correction on target for the full pass. I have tried using the
scan function on the receiver, but the first portion of the pass after AOS
is so weak that the signal will not stop the scan. I need to be able to set
the receiver freq hours ahead of time so that AO40Rcv can see it and step
the receiver to the proper freq. I will assume that software can grab it if
it is within 1kc.

Does anyone have a spreadsheet that fairly accurately predicts Doppler for
every 0.1 MA or how about the necessary math to do so?

Thank you for your assistance.

Gunther Meisse

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