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Re: commutating antennas (was Re: Canted S-band antennas on satellite)

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> >The technical challenge is having accurate, real-time knowledge of
> >which side of the spacecraft if facing the Earth.  I've been
> >pondering implementations of inertial sensors to make such a
> >determination.  Such a setup would, however, require a backup set of
> >omni antennas for cases in which the switching electronics wasn't
> >working correctly.
> Why make it so hard? Chances are you're going to want spin-switched
> receive antennas as well as transmit antennas to minimize required
> uplink powers (L-band amplifiers being expensive, and all that).
> So just pair the receive antennas with the transmit antennas, look for
> the receive antenna with the most signal, and route it to its paired
> transmit antenna. Voila, an L-band earth sensor.

Or you let the antenna`s (up and down) `repolarize`
by the best computer there is (human brain) by means
of a joystick:

Like a pilot flying an F-16......

Chris PA5RWE

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