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RE: A problem with AO40Rcv Mic UP-DN

Jim, I suspect that you have a different motherboard, with built in serial
port. Lucky you.

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] A problem with AO40Rcv Mic UP-DN

Gunther Meisse wrote:

> Attention prospective new AO40Rcv software  users.
> If you are bringing up the wonderful AO-40 telemetry program, and you have
> fairly new Gateway box, you should be aware of a potential problem.
> If you wish to use the MIC UP/DN feature, for whatever reason, the program
> will not recognize your serial port on the mother board. The rig-control
> screen will not show comm1 as an option. I have not been able to find a
> Microsoft fix for this problem.
> To solve the problem, add a new PCI serial card to an empty slot and you
> in business. In my case AO40Rcv then shows both new ports (2 port card) as
> selection options. Pick one, and away you go.
> I have had the problem on two Gateway boxes that are running Microsoft me
> with  Pentium III cpu. I think the problem is in the mother board used.

I don't have the rig hooked up (no mic up/down on the PCR-1000), but the
are there.

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