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RE: N Connectors

I haven't done rigorous testing, but I did do a 2-18 GHz sweep on a pair of
the connectors like you describe.  These were hamfest generics, but had
teflon inserts and silver plating.  I had them installed on a 1.5m long
piece of LMR-240.

The assembly looked pretty flat out to about 8 GHz and then began a steeper
drop off.  By about 13 GHz things fell drastically.  I cannot say whether it
was all due to the connectors or the cable or both since it was just a quick
check and I didn't calibrate my setup.

Anyway, they looked just fine for me at 70 cm.

Ron, AG5RS

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> I ran out of the good old N connectors that clamp on to the
> braid.  I bought
> some of these new ones that go on like a PL-259.  Has anyone with
> access to
> some decent test gear swept these to see if they perform as well as the
> older ones?  I'm having trouble getting a good match at 435 MHz.  I never
> used to have this problem.
> 73,
> Joe
> ka0yos@amsat.org

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