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RE: commutating antennas (was Re: Canted S-band antennas on satellite)

> Tom: Do you have a reference on the location of phase center
> for different
> kinds of antenna?  I know you're into this, as I heard you
> give a talk on
> errors due to various GPS antenna characteristics once. :-),
> including the
> fact that the phase centers of many antennas at the 2 GPS
> frequencies are
> not in the same location.

Yep, they move with elevation and are different at the two frequencies. Here
are a few references (The two GPS World papers are the easiest to read and
have pretty pictures):

Schupler, B.R., and T.A. Clark, How different antennas affect the GPS
Observable, GPS World, p. 32-36, Nov-Dec, 1991.

Schupler, B.R., R.L. Allshouse, T.A. Clark, 1994, Signal Characteristics of
GPS User Antennas, Navigation, 41(3), 277-295, 1994.

Schupler, B.R. & T.A. Clark. (2001). Characterizing the behavior of geodetic
GPS antennas, GPS World, 12(2), 48-52, 54-55.

Schupler, B.R., T.A. Clark, R.L. Allshouse, Characterizations of GPS User
Antennas:Reanalysis and New Results, In: Beutler, G. et al. (Eds.). GPS
Trends in Precise Terrestrial, Airborne, and Spaceborne Applications. IAG
Symposium, No. 113, July 3-4,1995, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Schupler, B.R. & Clark, T.A., High Accuracy Characterization of Geodetic GPS
Antennas Using Anechoic Chamber and Field Tests, Proceedings of ION GPS
2000, Salt Lake, Pg. 2499

See also
ml, http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/ANTCAL/index.shtml,
http://www.geopp.de/download/ion98.pdf and the paper by Gerry Mader in the
latest GPS World mentioned in a separate posting by Louie, WA3YMH (my copy
arrived today)

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