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Re: Re: Notice of French AMSAT Launch

At 11:02 PM 5/3/2002 +0000, RaySoifer wrote:
>As far as I know, AMSAT-France has said nothing about these launches, nor 
>have I heard anything from Hans about their having been 
>frequency-coordinated.  Until we do hear from AMSAT-F, let's be careful 
>about referring to them as "AMSAT Launches."


This was posted on the AMSAT FRANCE Website. I think it's self evident that 
these are "AMSAT Launches".

John - K9IJ

Message of Jean-Louis RAULT, FÃGR
President AMSAT-France
AMSAT-France is happy to announce to you that a sudden opportunity to put 
into orbit next at the beginning of May two picosatellites radio ham has 
just concretized itself.
Conceived and realized entirely by a AMSAT-France team, they will be 
launched as secondary passengers of an ARIANE 4 charged to put on orbit the 
principal payload SPOT 5.
Both picosatellites of 6 kg each one will remain interdependent of the 
third stage of the launcher, which will fly in orbit at an altitude of 
approximately 800 km.
Each picosat, supplied with piles, has one estimated lifespan several tens 
of days.
They will transmit in NBFM, one on 145,840 MHz and the other on 435,270 
MHz, of the recorded vocal messages and the data of telemetries in 
numerical form.
All useful technical information will be given to you with the passing days 
which comes.
The following crucial stages were already reached:
March 4: signature of the contract of launching with Arianespace
March 19: successful tests of vibration
April 4: green light on behalf of the persons in charge SPOT 5.

Ghislain Ruy F1HDD, head of project IDEFIX and Jeff Boivin F6CWN, person in 
charge for integration, travel by the plane on April 6 for Kourou to carry 
out the integration of the picosats on the launcher.
The launching of ARIANE 4 V151 is planned for next 3 May.
The picosatellites will be activated ten days after launching.

73 of Jean-Louis Rault FÃGR


John Rice  K9IJ
Webmaster, Network Admin, Janitor

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