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RE: AO40 off-pointing

>I'm curious about future requirement for off-pointing of AO40, assuming it
>remains spin stabilized.
>Is the off-pointing required twice each year, like it was for AO13?
>Does the time or duration of bad squint vary significantly with the slow
>changes in inclination?
>When would be the next period of off-pointing, assuming AO40 remains spin
>Why is the sky blue? (just kidding!)
>Wayne Estes W9AE
>Mundelein, IL, USA

If you go the the amsat-bb archives, look at the 100 day file by author and 
search for my posts, you'll see one called:

AO-40: why did they have to rotate it?

The exact URL is:


This essentially answers your questions, and points you to other sources in 
the archives.  It isn't the inclination that affects the time of the 
calendar year when there are bad solar angles, it's the RAAN.

Why the sky is blue is covered elsewhere.  :-)

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