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Re: Flight Computers

Aw come on guys, some people work for the government because they can do
that you can't do in the "Real World". Even if the pay is less...

See http://sites.stsci.edu/pubinfo/pr/2002/11/ for example.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

Phil Karn and David Kelly wrote:

>>>That's certainly the theory. The practice is very, very different. In

>>>practice, software patents disclose little if any prior art. In
>>>practice, patent examiners are almost entirely incompetent; they work

>>>at the PTO only because they can't get jobs in the real world.

>>Yeah? So how is that different from any other form of government
>>service? You try to make it sound like the PTO is unique in this

>Hey, you got me there. But consider this: most of the government
>simply wastes my tax money without impairing my freedom to innovate
>and create in the process. But the PTO does. As the saying goes, be
>thankful that you don't get all the government you pay for.

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