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RE: ISS digi

> > Beacons from ARISS, but no digi. No other stations either so I 
> > its not finger trouble here.?
> Just sneaked out of work myself to check I could hear the ISS on my
> mobile setup and the beacon was all I received too.
Back with MIR, that usually meant that they had left the radio with 
an offset in it after making a scheduled voice communication.  If 
you were lucky enough to guess at the offset you could be the only 
one on the air.  Once with Mir a friend got a call from half way 
across the country saying that his packets were interferring with a 
repeater.   We figured out what had happened, and the next pass 
we had nice uncongested connects with the BBS.  That time they 
must have had the reverse button pushed too.

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