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Re: "Microsat" under a balloon

Hi Michael,
                    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    I would have thought there must be materials which durable balloons can
be made of. Here in Sydney there is usually an airship around somewhere and
as far as I know they last for years. They are often used as camera
platforms for sporting events as they are a lot cheaper to operate than

Murray Peterson
Sydney, NSW,

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| Hello Murray,
| some time ago we made such experiments here in Germany with
| and hamradio stuff: speech controlled telemetrie output, APRS, GPS, ATV
| The problem is to let the balloon float on a specific altidude.
| Anyway the latex gets small holes in the hide after vy few hours, means it
| will loose it gas anyway. I'ld say there is no way to hold a balloon in
| air more than 12 hours.
| The wind upthere is that less that there wouldn't be much speed. normal
| distance of a wx-balloon is around 300km when there are strong winds.
| Normally most wind speeds and jetstreams are located around 10km altidude.
| 73 de Michael, DG1CMZ!

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