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"Microsat" under a balloon

Hi Norm,
                This could be an interesting variation on your idea. How
long could a helium balloon survive at 100,000 feet? Very few  aircraft fly
above 60,000 feet and so collison risk would be very low. If the balloon had
APRS then its location could be available to airtraffic controlers and
pilots via say NOTAMS or the various equivanents in other countries.

    Predicting passes would be more difficult but the passes would be quite
long. Is there much wind at that altitude anyway? Would it stay in close to
a fixed position?

A balloon hovering at 100,000 feet above your place would have line of sight
for 440 km in all directions.

Murray Peterson

| Scott,
| Ive been sort of working on this idea myself. I spend a lot of time in the
| Great Outback, hundreds of kilometres from anywhere. PCsat was a usefull
| tool for emailing back home to my family, a brief "OPS OK" message. The
| system was a little unreliable, and PCsat had its problems, and I got to
| wondering why we couldn't populate this "Wide, brown land" with
| "PCsat-on-a-pole". With hundres of kilometres to drive and only kangaroos
| and emus for company, all sorts of schemes come to mind.
| It would make an interesting project for someone with a little more time
| work, as opposed to think. Preliminary power budgets don't look good and a
| full size solar array would probably be needed. That has its own problems
| with vandalism, theft etc....
| I'd appreciate your thoughts... or anyone's for that matter. I might just
| cross post to Amsat-bb and Ozaprs lists
| Norm, VK2XCI
| Voice of The Edge of The Outback
| njmcmillan@bigpond.com

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