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Re: New Hampshire MEGA Launch: SIX Balloons May 3 and May 4 ! (fwd)

> Most on this list will be within radio range, although these
> balloons are being inflated to burst a little lower than normal
> to aid in recovery and to land short of the ocean.

I wrote that item for a different group of folks, so the
part about "most on this list will be within radio range"
should be "most on this list will not be in range."

The radio footprint will be fairly good as balloons go
spanning the northeast US from southern Canada to northern 
New Jersey.

Unfortunately, the frequency being used for balloon APRS is 
147.62 MHz, so unless a special receiver has been set up,
which I doubt, there will be no I-gating of the balloons'
positions and therefore no internet display.

If all six balloons are launched, this will be the biggest
two day launch of amateur radio balloons ever as far as
I know.

For a complete amateur balloon information, please see
the AMSAT webpage devoted to that activity at


For specific balloon launch information updated continuously,
please visit HABLIC at


Hank Riley, N1LTV
SkyQuest New England Balloon Project

"All balloon launches, all the time"

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