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Plenty of room for All on PCSAT (NO-44)

Hi All....

Bob has let me know that PCSAT (NO-44) is OPEN TO ALL users, UNPROTO 
keyboarders and APRS alike....the battery problems are solved!

After watching today there are definitely 2 EZ (data) SATS to work new grids, 
pass traffic, send messages, say hi...and of course once in a while send out 
your location!

Don't worry about the callsign of the sat...just UNPROTO through ARISS (thats 
the letter "eye") or W3ADO-1 and everything will get repeated....it has a 
great receiver, a more pronounced North/South path and a higher altitude 
yielding longer passes.

Base Station use is OK...you don't need a lot of power though...and try not 
to BEACON more then 1-2 times a pass....I use 5 w and a groundplane and it 
works great for me.  The transmitter is easy to hear. PLEASE DON'T CONNECT TO 
THE BBS though.

The power problems are solved for now and if you use the above callsigns you 
don't have to worry about the path....Bob would like you to put SGATE as the 
last thing in your path so he can use it for demonstrations....

For those of you who haven't used a Packet Satellite yet....here's how:

>From COMMAND MODE of your terrestrial packet setup type:


K  from Command mode and put your rig on 145.825 or 145.830 SIMPLEX
(the sat is slightly high in frequency so pick the best freq for your rig)

When you hear the packets start, just type in your message (Hi Barney!) and 
hit enter...from there on a * in your message means it has been repeated and 
everyone has seen it....get someone's attention, he/she/them says hi back and 
you have a two way.

It's a lot less crowded than ISS!

See you on both ISS and PCSAT!

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