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Noise on the PassBand de K3CMZ

 There was a few comments on the bb about
noise on AO-40'S passband. So I did a bit
of searching on this.

 I am receiving noise in the form of
clicks (inpulse type of noise) about once
a second. The noise blanker on the receiver
seems to take care of most of this.

 I set up a Icom PCR-1000 with the software
package TalkPCR in the Spectrum Analyser Mode.

 What a Surprise!

 The noise pulses started at 2400.750 and
ended at 2482.600. These pulses were in groups
with the first group running from 2400.750 to
2401.400 and then a 300kc break till the next group.

 The noist peaks were topping out 50 dbm above the
base line of -105dbm with most peaks at -80dbm.

 This matches the info I found on the Web about
Wireless Lan.

GOTO    http://www.sdots.com/wireless

	for info on Wireless Lan

AND     http://www.sdots.com/wireless/build.html

	more info on how to do it

 I checked into equipment for this type of
network and found that there is a lot of it.

GOTO    http://www.ssbusa.com/wireless.html

	for info on 1/2, 6 and 50 Watt Amps
            on 2.4 to 2.5 gig

 As I am getting ready for Summer 2002 Antenna
project's, I will be working on the AO-40 Recieve
system. Hopefully I can increase the receive signal
from the sat and decrease the signal from the lan.

 I may need to put the dish inside a metal tube
and screen out the WireLess Lan.

           73's Bruce K3CMZ

	In the Days of Old
	When Ham's were Bold
	and before Computers were invented !
	We strung a Wire
	and set it on Fire
	and hammed Away Contented.

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