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Mode B vs. Mode S

Wayne Estes wrote:

> I haven't heard of anybody LATELY who thinks AO40 is dead.

True, but you also have not heard much excitement either about all the DX on
the bird, crowded transponders, people chomping at the bit to get on the
bird, etc.

 > I've already contributed generously to Project Eagle.  If the project
plan includes a "definite" 2m downlink I would be motivated to contribute
even more.

As I wrote to Amsat president Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, I was a (multi-year
holder) contributor to the special program to fund AO-40. My personal
were somewhere in the neighborhood of $1K, perhaps small by some standards
but significant for me. However, at this point I'm only interested in the
construction and launch of a relatively simple, AO-10/AO-13 type high
orbiting clone, one that must emphasize an operable 2 meter downlink. e.g.,
with redundant  transmitters/transponders
for that band. I would consider financially supporting such a project if
that were the sole project of AMSAT NA and the exclusive goal of our
organization is to build and fly it ASAP.

While I understand the value of experimentation, I am personally not
interested in funding microsats, hamsats that emphasize the UHF and
microwave bands, or complex AO-40 type projects. While these sorts of
experimental projects might proceed under the auspices of educational
institutions or with foundation or other creative sorts of funding, as an
active ham interested in operating via satellite I wish to put any further
personal monetary contributions into projects that will afford the sorts of
communications opportunities I am interested in and that I miss greatly
since the demise of AO-13.

Jim Kelly, ARS KK3K, AMSAT NA #22420

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