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Re: BS BS?

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Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2002 11:02 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] BS BS?

> Very simple answer for what I used for Mode-B:  A homemade antenna.
> Windload, less than dish, yes.  Not hard to design around though.
> yes. Again, not hard to design around.
> Neighbors seeing 3 foot dish.  Ok.  Neighbors seeing 15 foot long antenna:
> Not happy.
> Will this matter to me in a couple of months when I move to the country?:
> No.  Will it matter to others in these days of Deed Restrictions (in the
> anyway)?: Yes.
> On a small, 4-5 element 2m, apogee was unreliable.  Once you get up to
> 10 eles, it's reliable again.  Then you are up to the 15 foot long antenna
> again.

Not at all!
Mine is 12.4 foot (3.8 mtr) and a bit `overdone`.
I`ts got 10 ellements,but 7 or 8 is realy enough.
Than i`t even less than 10 foot long.
And it can `take` anny signal, circulair, liniar,
stable or not.

And one of my neighbers even told me she find them beautyfull....


Chris PA5RWE

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