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Re[2]: Mode B vs. Mode S

Hello Frederick,

Wednesday, May 01, 2002, 8:35:21 PM, you wrote:

FMS> I think that the desire of the engineers and designers of the equipment 
FMS> REALLY wasn't/isn't to be exclusive and "kill off" membership like many have 
FMS> stated.  I think that the push to microwaves is an opportunity for AMSAT to 
FMS> be able to make smaller satellites that
FMS> can be used like AO-10, AO-13 and AO-40.

I believe that I also have read in some other mails the desire to have
S-Band on a LEO satellite. Pse consider that this will be very difficult
because of the very fast dopplershift. It will nearly impossible to
establish voice communication. To get an impression of the dopplershift try
receiveing the beacon of UO-11 at 2401,050 MHz. Even with my automated
dopplershift control it's hard to follow the signal. Keep in mind that this
beacon transmitter is LHCP, so using a RHCP receive antenna will result in
a rather weak signal.


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