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Modes A, B, & J

Now that the good weather is here I hope to have my Mode S downconverter
up on the tower soon.  I don't really feel that receiving on 2.4GHz is
all that difficult technically, but I am concerned about attenuation
from the trees now coming into leaf.  I think that operationally the
increased attenuation compared to 70cm will be my biggest problem.  Yes,
70cm suffered from attenuation too, but not as much.

Desense has always been my biggest problem with Mode J.  I tried
building the filter in the ARRL Handbook but without success.  If I
could get a good solution to the desense problem I'd work Mode J a lot

I'm still basically a rag chewer at heart and that's why I liked Mode A
so much, especially when RS-15 was working.  The bird never lived up to
its full promise but early on the low Doppler and big footprint made it
lots of fun to work.  More than 50% of my states for WAS OSCAR were
worked on RS-15 and I really wish we had another one like it.  Though
the passes were shorter RS-10 was great fun.

There are many different areas of interest in ham radio and sometimes
they are hard to balance.  I understand the desires of people who want
to push the technology but I also understand the people who just want to
chat or hunt countries, grid squares, or whatever.  Part of the job of
the BOD is to listen to all those different interests and try to reach a
compromise that will make the fewest number of members mad.  I don't
envy them.

Dave Reinhart

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