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Re: L uplink survey

Hello Ed,

I use the "L" band module in my TS-2000 which outputs a quoted 10 watts. To
get that power to the antenna I've got a length of coax which has about
4-5dB loss. The antenna is a 1.4m dish with a homemade dual band feed
comprising two concentric 2.5 turn helices. There is a single stub filter of
rigid coax between the "S" band helix and the pre-amp to prevent de-sensing
and that actually seems to work well on present transmit levels although I
was lucky to have access to the test gear available to check the notch as I
VERY carefully filed it to the correct length.

I've worked people on SSB with 80cm dish receive systems using this setup
but it relies on minimal squint and is certainly not up to the maximum
recommended pass-through level even at the best of times. I'm at present
using my limited mechanical skills to knock together a 2C39A cavity
amplifier to hopefully improve things - that's part of my self-learning that
I wouldn't get using a LEO 2m handheld uplink!  

Good book too, by the way. 

73's Chris G4SDG     
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