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Re: Flight Computers

On Wednesday 01 May 2002 03:32 am, Phil Karn wrote:

> But I also hear a lot of grumbling about the effort it takes to use
> VxWorks.  When you find a bug, you *might* get lucky enough to
> persuade Wind River to give you the source so you can fix it
> yourself. A year ago I spent quite a bit of my employer's time
> rewriting and tuning their PPP framing routines because the originals
> were just too slow for our product.

But I never said that VxWorks would be be used for our final
product, nor was that the focus of my answer.  The point was
that real-time support was not available for these boards under
Linux despite a tremendous amount of media/market hype that
it was.

> >and then be hamstrung by GPL licensing.
> Sounds like you've fallen victim to Microsoft's FUD (fear, uncertainty
> and doubt) regarding the GPL. Nothing in the GPL stops you from using
> Linux in a proprietary imbedded application, as the TiVo amply
> demonstrates. Indeed, many VxWorks users are considering a switch to
> Linux precisely to avoid paying per-copy royalties.  Having full
> access to the source and the large community of programmers who
> maintain it are also definite plusses.

*But* if I make changes to the kernel proper, to make it more suitable for
my application, per the GPL I have to release my modifications to the general
public.  My customer absolutely would not allow it.

Linux is not the only "royalty-free" OS out there.  Green Hills Software 
makes a couple that are being considered for space programs at our site.

Unfortunately certain government agencies are jumping on the Linux bandwagon 
as a desperate attempt to resolve some of the cost problems they have, 
without always having sound rational for doing so.

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