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Re: Flight Computers

>I also did not have the time required to recreate all the device drivers
>for Linux while they already existed for VxWorks. Basically all the vendors
>have told me the same thing: "It's not there yet". My employer wouldn't
>have been too happy for me to spend the 6 months to a year's extra effort
>to make it a reality

But I also hear a lot of grumbling about the effort it takes to use
VxWorks.  When you find a bug, you *might* get lucky enough to
persuade Wind River to give you the source so you can fix it
yourself. A year ago I spent quite a bit of my employer's time
rewriting and tuning their PPP framing routines because the originals
were just too slow for our product.

>and then be hamstrung by GPL licensing.

Sounds like you've fallen victim to Microsoft's FUD (fear, uncertainty
and doubt) regarding the GPL. Nothing in the GPL stops you from using
Linux in a proprietary imbedded application, as the TiVo amply
demonstrates. Indeed, many VxWorks users are considering a switch to
Linux precisely to avoid paying per-copy royalties.  Having full
access to the source and the large community of programmers who
maintain it are also definite plusses.


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