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Re: Flight Computers and Radiation

I would  have thought alpha particles would have been easy to stop - ie they
are stopped by paper!

However I guess the question is really how much attenuation of the radiation
in needed and how much weight of materials is required to stop that. maybe a
small piece of lead could be adheared to the top of the memory chip or
microprocessor and underneath it - maybe in the IC socket. 2mm of lead will
stop basically all alpha and beta particles and attenuate gamma rays by ">
60 db". However neutrons are an other problem - hydrocarbons are better at
attenuating these - maybe a suitable polymer?
- my 2 cents worth
Murray Peterson

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| Scott Elliott wrote:
| > just a quick question :).
| >
| > this radiation, is it the type that can be blocked by lead. like x-rays?
| The problem is that lead emits alpha particles which cause transient
| errors in memory.
| > if it is possible, then the only thing to worry about then is the extra
| > 50-100kg of weight your going to add :P
| The bigger problem is the weight.
|   -- richard

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