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Re: Flight Computers

OK, so its settled... a StrongARM running embedded Linux with a Java
Virtual Machine.  hmmm... that's what I'm holding in my hand: Sharp
Zaurus SL-5500.  http://www.myzaurus.com

Now if I can just figure out why it went out to lunch trying to
download my volumous e-mail folder...
  -- richard

John Melton wrote:

> Edson Pereira wrote: 
>>Java is an excelent language for academical use and gives good object
>>oriented programing practices to students, unlike c++. But it is still
>>debatable if it is a good solution for embedded devices or where
>>performance is an issue.
> Very biased opinion ;-)
> Java is getting out there in more embedded devices,  it just isn't
> getting much publicity.
> A couple of examples you can go and see in your nearest electronics
> stores are the newer Sony camcorders that use embedded Java for the user
> interface (on screen menus) and the camera control,  and also the Sony
> VCRs that have a touch sensitive screen are using embedded Java.

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