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AO-40 Antennas was big enuf!

Well it was "beeg enuf"!

I'm QRT on AO-40 for awhile as both my ku-band TV dish (1m) and my AO-40
antenna array came crashing down on my roof a few minutes
ago...experiencing windy weather.  I guess my home-built non-penetrating
roof mount was not up to the job!  Fortunately the 5400 rotor and both
dishes are fine.  My 45-element 1296 loop-yagi is split in two and I bent a
couple elements at the reflector end of my M2-436CP42 but the boom is fine.
 Most fortunate is that the roof did not sustain any significant damage...a
couple gouges in the foam surface that can be filled.  The UHF antenna is
repairable with a couple new elements from M2, but the "looper" is totalled.

Also fortunate that the four-bay 2m-eme array is cranked down and the tower
is well guyed.

(PS: Mike, I may be interested in your 23cm antenna ;-)

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