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At 00:39 01/05/2002 +0100, Scott@pieh0.co.uk wrote:
>ok, this idea would be quite hard to fit into a pico sat, but may work for
>fo-20 sized sats.


>also, what sort of power would be required to run a tnc and a 2 w hand held.
>thinking about building a small sat just for the sake of it. not that it
>will ever fly of course :P. just to get an idea of what is involved in
>making a sat. so if anyone has any suggestions (bob ?? :P).

Ive been sort of working on this idea myself. I spend a lot of time in the 
Great Outback, hundreds of kilometres from anywhere. PCsat was a usefull 
tool for emailing back home to my family, a brief "OPS OK" message. The 
system was a little unreliable, and PCsat had its problems, and I got to 
wondering why we couldn't populate this "Wide, brown land" with 
"PCsat-on-a-pole". With hundres of kilometres to drive and only kangaroos 
and emus for company, all sorts of schemes come to mind.

It would make an interesting project for someone with a little more time to 
work, as opposed to think. Preliminary power budgets don't look good and a 
full size solar array would probably be needed. That has its own problems 
with vandalism, theft etc....

I'd appreciate your thoughts... or anyone's for that matter. I might just 
cross post to Amsat-bb and Ozaprs lists

Norm, VK2XCI
Voice of The Edge of The Outback

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