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L uplink survey

Hi, All:
        I'm in process of putting together a presentation for AMSAT to be
given at the Dayton Hamvention. Yes, nothing like leaving it for the last
minute! My subject is practical AO-40 operation. So, I'm looking for
equipment ideas. I'm pretty familiar with S-band downlink, including some
new and interesting stuff from G-land across the pond, as well as the
commercial receive converters and the Transystem (and other MMDS) rigs.
What I don't know much about is what people are using for L-band (1269 MHz)
uplinks. This includes transmit converters, amplifiers and antennas. I am
very interested in what kind of equipment (and power) active L-band uplink
stations are using, and would greatly appreciate your input.
        Thanks in advance; this kind of information is really useful to
those considering becoming active on the higher bands. I will compile all
replies and post them here.

Thanks and 73,

Ed Krome K9EK
author/editor "Mode S: The Book"
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