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Re: Special Bulletin - new satellite

Claudio Martins wrote:
>  Gary,

>   I thought HAM Satellites served to evolve communication technology and to
> present new challenges to hams. 

Dear hams on this actual discussion. One sight wasn't discussed during
the sessions: financial problems to start the satellite, to get
interesting items with new technics useable on our spacecrafts.
Do You all really think we could build spacecrafts like P3D just as an
hamradio equipment for FM-use only? Sponsors will have their interest in
new technologies like new modulation forms, useability of arcjet
engines, cosmic x-ray measurements, knowledge flying a spacecraft with
very simple control features and saving it when a normal user would
cancel it as lost (not our control teams have done, thanks a lot to
That AO40 has been partially failed and that especially in the common
part for the ham community (usability with handhelds on former Mode B)
isn't nice, ok. But all what is useable on AO40 now is a good step in
future technics and will help both, the ham community and the sponsors.
Otherwise, the new modes initiate a lot of hams to prepare their
stations plus on 2.4 GHz and 1.2 GHz. This helps keeping our frequencies
on that bands.
So to get money to build a large spacecraft you have to present a good
view on new technologies and not to have a FM-Repeater in space. That is
good for low orbitals but not useable for high orbital carriers. The
downlink and uplink budgets will show you very fast that it willn't work
with FM and low cost.
Well, that's a sight what wasn't shown before.
vy 73 es 55 es gd dx de Ottwald OE2OHA

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