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Re: Special Bulletin - new satellite

On Saturday 27 April 2002 04:23, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> I have no official conection with AMSAT other than being a member, but
> I think no matter how much people complain, it is undeniable that UO14 and
> AO27  are the most popular birds.  I think the new FM satellite just
> responds to that demand.

  Bob, you know that many times the most popular is not the best, but what 
people have been given and so they have to use it, right? Or do I have to 
make a comparision to computers and operating systems? ;-)

> On what other bird do we have it jammed solid horizon to horizon with
> people?  On what other bird do we hear the most complaints about limited
> access?  On what other bird do we hear people say how easy it is?  On what
> other bird can anyone with an HT communicate?

  I have to agree that you used the right word: jammed.
In a real transponder there would be NO jam, but real communication, not a 
bunch of people all trying at the same time to get through and FM repeater 
and the one with more power and luck gets it.

  But what is Amateur Satellite operation anyway? Do you want it to be some 
kind of race competition or battle where the strongest wins? OR do you want 
it to be a way of learning experimenting and having fun?



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