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Re: Mailbox or gateway via satellite.

Richard W L Limebear wrote:

> Sorry to be negative but The RUDAK guys are crying out for software writers
> in order to make the device do things just like this. Any interested
> developers would be more useful writing software for the spacecraft :(

I wasn't aware that they wanted any help. The only request for help I
have seen was to have written a program to convert Whole Orbit Data into
CSV format so that it could be loaded into a spreadsheet for analysis.
And, if I remember correctly, there were 3 of us that responded with
actual code.  I am not sure how many showed some interest in writing ny

Also, judging by the response for help with ADCARS (OSCAR-E and Eagle) I
would have thought that any request for help would have had a good

I had assumed that the lack of RUDAK operation was because of power
budgets,  not lack of operational software.

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