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Re: Mailbox or gateway via satellite.


Thank you for all your replies.
All the replies gave the solution in ISS and LEO pacsat mailbox satellites.

I agree these satellites work, but they are not very easy to work !!!!
Second they are not real time, so you need to wait for the next pass.
I often tracked Oscar22 and 25, but it was often hours waiting when I did 
not uploaded everything :-(
ISS is another problem, as is "flies" extreem fast, needs also long waiting, 
and my antennas get crazy because of fast rotation.

An mailbox system, or better an gateway to the local packet network via an 
GTO satellite would be much better. The mailbox acces is longer, no fast 
tracking is needed, real time connection can be possible with packet 
gateway, and easy modes can be used like RTTY or PSK31 acces via satellite.

We have PACSATs that work, but you know what you all need ?
You need fast pc, tracking stuff, special programs, and a skedual program or 
waiting for hours when the next pass will be.

With an RTTY or PSK31 mailbox system via an GTO satellite, you can do it 
with an simple PC and soundcard (or even HAMCOM system), automatic tracking 
is not needed, no special programs (HAMCOM will work in RTTY), no long 
waiting as the satellite is in sight for many hours !!

I think this system is much more flexible, and easier than the LEO systems 
we now have. (I do not say the LEOs are not good)
I hope to explain my idea some better... :-)

An other option would be an gateway system to the local packet network. This 
is not possible with the LEO's :-P

73 de PE1RAH, William

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