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Re: Re: RE: Why Think About Satellite Security?

SSB is still used as a primary method by poorer countries on HF and at least 
low VHF.  Richer countries still rely on HF as a backup, or a cheaper 
alternative to satellites.  So HF is not dead.  Its not as "cool" as 
satellites, but still VERY useful.

Fred W0FMS

 >Many people will take issue that CW is extinct - again, baiting people 
> >something that was *not* said - and SSB is pretty popular from what I 
>You omitted my qualifying phrase "in the real world", that is, outside
>ham radio.  With the exception of aeronautical beacon IDs, Morse *is*,
>for all practical purposes, extinct outside ham radio. SSB is also on
>the way out as many HF/SSB systems continue to migrate to satellite
>and/or digital techniques. Above HF, I don't know of any significant
>non-amateur use of SSB, do you?

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