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Cal Amps 31881 downconverter power hookup

I bought one of the Cal Amps 31881 downconverter and am finally now 
going to be able to work on a AO40 downlink project.  How do I hook up power
to the
downconverter using the coax connector?  So far I can't find anyplace but a
Japanese ham site that deals with power hookup for a downconverter but I
cannot access the site.  If this
is convered in the Amsat archives I can keep looking in there.  

I intend to start with a Radio Shack HTX-100 10 meter transceiver with a
Ten-Tec 2m transverter for a 2m ssb/cw rig.  The downconverter will be at a
small dish at most 6 feet away and hope to hook the whole system to a 12v
auto battery for semi-portable use.  As in most of my other experiments, I
will be working on the receiver first.  If I can hear well then I work on
the transmitter.

Thank you,
Steve  KC5TTY
Elgin, Oklahoma
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