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AO-40 K Band reception update

Howdy all,

First, I need to correct a major error on my part. I erroneously referred to 
"Mode K" the other day in my post about 24 GHz. Stacey, W4SM was kind enough 
to point out my error. Mode K is for the RS birds. What I'm doing here is 
receiving the K Band beacon. For Modes on AO-40, they will be listed as U/k 
or L1/k.Big difference! Thanks Stacey for setting me straight! (Gosh, I 
should know better, Dohhh)

I got out again today from MA 110-120 to test K band reception. This is my 
second attempt. I also brought a portable L band uplink with me. 
Unfortunately, downlink signal levels were very disappointing today. The best 
I heard the K Band beacon was S 1 to S1-1/2 with a few higher peaks and mucho 
QSB. I'm at a loss as to explain why, but I wondering if the WX is a factor?? 
Today in Vermont it was 80+ degrees and very hazy. This is extremely unusual 
WX for Vermont this time of year. Squint angles didn't seem to be any worse 
than last Friday. Any K band satellite guru's have any answers or even 

I did attempt an L band uplink at ~ MA 117. I'm _pretty sure_ I heard my 
downlink, but only a few letters of my call. I did not attempt CW, because I 
frankly was expecting to see equal or better downlink levels than I saw last 
Friday and didn't bring a key (sheepish grin). I'll bring the key the next 

More pictures were shot today, and I did run the digital audio recorder for a 
while. I'll try and make those available on the webpage soon.

I'll be out as much as possible over the next few weeks when K band is 
active, especially the UL1/k passband. I have the ability to run U, L and S 
uplinks portable, so I hope to complete a QSO soon!

One last question, anyone in North/South America, or anywhere that has a 
mutual window to FN34im active on K band that would like to try a QSO? I have 
been in contact with Al, W5LUA who has K band receive capability. We're in 
the process of working out mutual windows and hope to try a QSO soon.

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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