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Re: Uo14 Confusion as always!!!

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Claudio Martins wrote:

>  I suppose this is why a real SSB transponder with a wide passband works much
> better for satellites than a repeater, and anyway FM doesn't help.

Well, my very little experience tells me that I can call CQ for entire
passes of FO-20/29 horizon to horizon and nobody answers me (I hear my
own downlink so I'm sure I'm getting to the sat), I thought also that
operating from JM87 would raise some interest (as always has been with
6m and 2m operations from there), but I haven't seen any interest, or
rather I haven't got much contacts in a whole day of operations (5 total,
three on UO-14 and the "rest" on FO-20/29).
However I'm not upset for that, I'm happy for the new experience I've made
and probably I'll try to activate the marconian special call IY5PIS via
LEOs as well (even if V/U operations and sats don't count for the IMD

>  I know FM is easier for mobile operation and maybe one of the few ways of
> using an HT for sat work, but I do hope tha future ham satellites are more
> transponder and less bent pipe repeater.

And more hams that at least give an answer to who is calling CQ :-)


Francesco	IZ5DWF

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