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Re: RG-6 cable losses at 145Mhz

>From: "Joe W2KJ" <w2kj@earthlink.net>
>I am considering using a 50ft run of RG-6 type coax between my
>AO-40 downconverter and IC910H,  primarily since this cable is
>easily available locally and comes with F connectors already
>I haven't been able to find out what the losses for a 50ft run
>of RG-6 would be.  So am wondering if this cable type would be
>satisfactory for my requirement or will it present too much
>loss for the system.


I am using approx. 50-foot RG-6 cables from my Drake downconverters to my

I have a MKU-232 preamp in front of them that produces 36 dB gain and that
overshadows the effects of lineloss at the IF.   To memory RG-6 exhibits
approx. 5 dB loss at 144 MHz and 9 dB at 435 MHz.  It depends on what the
gain is from your preamp/downconverter!  Best way to evaluate this is using
AO-40v2.0.  You can plug in the specs for the components of your system and
see the overall effect.

Short answer: lots of stations are doing this successfully!


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