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Re: 435 MHz AO40 uplink

Hello Wayne,

Monday, April 01, 2002, 2:37:15 PM, you wrote:

WEW> Now (Monday morning) I can barely hear my signal coming down.  I could hear
WEW> quite a few other stations very well, and I presume that most of them were
WEW> using the 435 MHz uplink.  Did anybody else have trouble this morning
WEW> hearing their signal when uplinking on 435 MHz?

Today I was only on the sat for a very short time when the squint was 9
degrees at my location. I worked EA8KBF and ON4UG. I also had the
impression that all signals were weaker than usual. Using a panoramic
receiver I could see the beacon as well as several stations much smaller
than on other days with the same squint.

 Reinhard (aka René)

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