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RE: 435 MHz AO-40 Uplink

Sunday morning I had no trouble getting a strong
downlink from AO40 with my
435 MHz uplink.

Now (Monday morning) I can barely hear my signal
coming down.  I could hear
quite a few other stations very well, and I presume
that most of them were
using the 435 MHz uplink.  Did anybody else have
trouble this morning
hearing their signal when uplinking on 435 MHz?

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

I think this is purely AGC effect.  Sunday activity
was essentially US/Canada only and was fairly light
(surprisingly). The AGC wasn't being hammered very
hard.  This morning there were LOTS of US/Canadian &
European stations, some clearly over powered, and the
AGC was consistently running 12+ dB suppression. 
Leila was hopping from station to station like a
rabbit on amphetamines and several of these folks
showed no signs of reducing their power.  Under these
conditions, your downlink would clearly be reduced in

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