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Re: qrm from local repeater

Wish I lived in Texas, I love TX hunts.  Sounds like someone has their 2/70 
dual band rig in cross band repeat mode. Could be intentional or accidental.

Try this.  Have someone transmit on the output of the repeater from a good 
location so it brings up the 145.975 signal & DF the 2 meter signal.

Sounds like the offending transmitter might be fairly close to your qth Bruce.


At 08:51 PM 1/30/02 -0600, you wrote:
>on this evenings pass of uo-14 (0215z) there was qrm that appeared to be the
>clear lake amateur radio repeater (442.75 MHz). problem is that they have no
>links to 2m.
>when i listened on the input of the satellite (145.975), i heard the clear 
>repeater full scale.  i got on the clarc machine and asked them to cease
>operations immediately. which they did. the qrm on uo-14 ceased at the same

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