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Why am I not seeing any satellite digital packet data??

I am using a paccomm psk1 (the older model)tied into a mfj 1278 for the psk sats and a mfj1270cq for the 9600 baud bird. WiSP is my controlling program. I am using an FT847, lo noise preamps Msquared yagis.
When the birds come over at elevations > about 10 degrees, I get strong signals and the dcd light comes on but unless I check print headers in the MSPE setup, I wont see anything except the byte counter at the bottom of the page increment. I have passall on and fulldup as well as kiss enabled.
I have tried to send test messages with MSPE but nothing happens. The other night I sent a bogus fill request on both systems. The paccomm/1278 instantly sent the request. When the 9600 baud bird came over using the 1270cq and I sent the request, nothing happened. I am about at my wits end.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What in the heck am I doing wrong??

Bill, W5PGZ

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