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qrm from local repeater

on this evenings pass of uo-14 (0215z) there was qrm that appeared to be the 
clear lake amateur radio repeater (442.75 MHz). problem is that they have no 
links to 2m. 

when i listened on the input of the satellite (145.975), i heard the clear lake 
repeater full scale.  i got on the clarc machine and asked them to cease 
operations immediately. which they did. the qrm on uo-14 ceased at the same 

after the uo-14 pass, we started transmitting on the clarc machine and the 
145.975 repeat started up again. we now have 4 or 5 cars in the field dfing the 
signal. jerry, k5oe, and myself used our beams to get a starting point for the 
df cars. based on jerry and myself, the signal is about 25 miles from jerry and 
about 15 miles from me.

we have determined that whatever is repeating the signal is operating with vox 
control because when the repeater drops, the carrier drops on the 145.975 

scott, kd5fba, said he heard a repeater id on the morning pass of uo-14. it 
appears that this has been going on all day but we really didn't know about it 
until this evening. we would not have known about it tonight except that clarc 
has their weekly net at 8pm cst on wednesdays. just so happens there was a 
satellite pass. 

i will keep you informed of the findings of the df teams. 


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