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Re: circular polarized Arrow antenna

On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Edward R. Cole wrote:

> I have the portable split-boom Arrow.  It is split just behind the 435 MHz
> first director, so using the rear section you only have the 2m relector and
> a 2-element 435 yagi.  Why bother with using half the Arrow?  The complete
> Arrow is only 3-ft, 1-1/2 inches long!

Different strokes for different folks...  Here is why I find it useful...

I have only used the back half of my half-arrow for all my portable and
mobile satcoms for the last 2  years because it can lay on my dashboard
and with only the attachment of the 2 2m elements I can hold it out the
window of the car.   Can't do that with the full sized one.

And why hold by hand an antenna that is twice as heavy and has more gain
than you need?  and has a narrower beam pattern?  For PACSATS and other
digital  links, there is no need for any more gain than that  that is
necessary to get good bits.

Any more gain just narrows  the beamwidth making pointing harder...

No, I would not receommend half-arrow operation where you have strong
arms, plenty of room and enjoy all the extra assembly and disaasembly..
But there are situations where the lower gain is more than offset by the
convenience of half-arrow operation.

Just a thought...


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