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Re: circular polarized Arrow antenna

>On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:
>> Today I ordered a split-boom Arrow antenna to use for demos at hamfests,
>> and also hopefully for portable AO40 operation.
>I am curious when you receive it if you would comment on where it is cut
>in half.  I bought the full size and cut my boom just above the 2m driven
>element so that the antenna can be used as a "half-antenna"...
>That is, 2 elements on 2m and 4 elements on UHF.  (light and easy to hold)
>But anytime I need the added gain of 3 elements on 2m and 7 elements on
>UHF, I can just stick on the other half.  But it is fully usable as just
>half an antenna and works well enough most of the time.
>Last I heard ARROW makes the "split-boom" model by simply cutting the boom
>exactly in half.  THus it cannot be used at all as a "half-antenna"
>because only  the 2m reflector stays with the bottom half...  In
>otherwords, it is all or none.
>I suggested to him that just moving the cut a few inches to just above
>the feed diplole makes all the difference..  Just curious if he offers
>that option
>de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

I have the portable split-boom Arrow.  It is split just behind the 435 MHz
first director, so using the rear section you only have the 2m relector and
a 2-element 435 yagi.  Why bother with using half the Arrow?  The complete
Arrow is only 3-ft, 1-1/2 inches long!  It has seven elements on 435 and 3
on 145 MHz.

BTW I found that using the boom/mast-mounting plate from my M2 (model
420-450-11) 11-element UHF yagi worked well for mast mounting my Arrow if I
remove the foam handle off the boom.  Now that M2 11-element yagi might
make a nice portable antenna.  It is only 5-foot long and has 11.3 dBd gain
(~13 dBi linear).  You could easily saw it in two between the 6th and 7th
elements if you wanted shorter.  If you wanted to try a CP antenna, order
an extra set of elements from M2.  Plenty room on the boom to add them.

If curious, why not just try using the Arrow to access AO-40.  See if it is


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