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WGS-84 used in SGP4?

Hi folks,

Do NORAD still use the WGS-72 geoid model for generating SGP4 element sets, 
or have they switched to WGS-84?  If the switch was made, can the model in 
Dr. Kelso's SGP/SDP4 Pascal library be changed by simply modifying the earth 
equatorial radius, flattening, and gravitational constant, as well as the J2, 
J3 and J4 harmonics?  Maybe there are more variables involved in defining the 
WGS-84 ellipsoid?  Maybe the choice of some constant values in the original 
SGP/SDP4 Fortran code depended on the use of the WGS-72 ellipsoid?  Thanks in 

73 de ZR1CBC, Johann.

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