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Wavecom Jr and AO-40

Hi Amsaters.
I dunno if any-one (mainly in the US) remembers the burst of 13cm ATV
activity that was created by these little 2.4 GHz video senders called a
"Wavecom jr"?  They are low power, had 4 channels (2 in the Ham band) and
made it easy to get on 13cms.  Anyway all the info that came out about these
things were about adding MMICs to increase the power out and external
antennas etc, so the little antenna that was mounted on the unit was
probably thrown into the junk box and forgotten about.  Now I seem to
remember that the antenna was a CP Patch. So here is the question-would this
antenna be useful to run on a 60~90 cm dish for AO-40?  Has anyone had a
play around with or know what sense this little antenna is?  Guess what I've
got in my junkbox!!
       Matt -VK2DAG-
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